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Brother’s Thomas and Dimitris grew up in the restaurant business. Their late parents Evyenia Mandrozou Houndalas and Gregorio Houndalas ran restaurants seating over 1000 people in Nafplion, Greece.  Old timers in their hometown remember the restaurant and their family fondly.

Nafplion is a beautiful seaside town located in the Peloponnese region of Greece. It was the first capital of Greece after it regained its freedom from Turkish rule.  Le Petit Greek’s Thomas & Dimitris spent their summers at (Grandparents) Pappou & Yiayia Mandrozou’s farm in Tripoli, Greece where they’d literally watch Yiayia bake bread in a wood burning oven, help feed livestock, milk goats, make home made cheese and pick fruit and vegetables for the day’s meal.  This connection to nature and the freedom to climb trees and be in this loving and beautiful environment was truly a blessing. It instilled a respect for the natural world, the importance of eating healthy, and an appreciation for hard work.

On the other side of the family their Pappou Houndalas left for America as a young teen, most likely fibbing about his age to get passage to America.  While most Greeks went to New York or Chicago, he went to San Francisco California and with his brothers Elias and Michael opened the Cliff Café down the hill from the famous Cliff House Restaurant.  After 27 years in America he returned to Greece to find a bride.  Other family members did the same and returned to San Francisco. However, Pappou Thomas witnessing the devastation that World War One had on an already weakened nation that had not yet recovered from civil unrest after hundreds of years of Turkish oppression decided to stay.   He spent the wealth he had accumulated in America helping his family and village, Houndaleika.  Their village is apply named after the Houndalas family ancestors that fought so hard and served with General Kolokotronis to free Greece.

Pappou Thomas married Evthokia and they had 8 children.  While they did not have much, they had land, family, faith and a kind nature.   They enjoyed their years together.  Years later he told his son Gregorio now married with two sons I know I will soon pass, and your sons will be the only out of all my children and grandchildren who will follow in my footsteps to America.  Gregorio did not think much of it then but the in 1980’s his son Thomas came to America, followed his other son Dimitris and soon after in 1988 Le Petit Greek Restaurant became a reality on historic Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.  The family in San Francisco descendants are still there now operating the world-famous historic Cliff House and popular Louis Café with spectacular views. One of Thomas & Dimitris uncles went to Australia where the family thrives while the rest are prospering brightly in Greece.   Today Dimitris runs the restaurant in Los Angeles while brother Thomas runs the seasonal hotel in Santorini, Greece.


In the early 80’s Thomas and Dimitris visited the island of Santorini with their father Gregorio. The island is known as Thira to the Greeks. They fell in love with it.  Thomas renovated and runs a beautiful 5 room boutique hotel along the caldera with stunning views.   Formerly a monastery, it sits along the cliffs looking out into the Aegean at the famous volcano in the town of Fira. There is literally no other place like it on earth. Please visit his website and we hope you will consider Le Petit Greek Hotel when traveling to Greece. Thomas hotel can be found  at www.lepetitgreeksantorini.com

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