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Le Petit Greek’s 25 Years of Success hails back to a much earlier time…

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From the Larchmont Chronicle

Le Petit Greek co-owners and brothers Dimitri and Thomas Houndalas have spent the past 25 years serving grilled rack of lamb, bechamel-topped moussaka and a cold glass of retsina.

Also on the menu at the 100-seat Village staple is hormone-free, “grass-finished” beef. The seasonal menu is part of a larger “Hellenic” experience that expands beyond food, delicious as it is.

“Our philosophy is to give the best possible, healthiest, organic version of food in the most reasonable price…

“It’s part of our culture, a healthy mind, a healthy body. That’s what our ancestors taught us,” says Dimitri.

Up before sunrise, he shops for fresh produce, meat and fish in time to be back to greet the lunch crowd.

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