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Not ALL Meat is Created Equal!

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A wildly held misconception in the main stream is that eating red meat is unhealthy and related to greater disease risk.  There is significant evidence that eating processed meat is associated with greater disease risk; including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. However, red meat studies and reviews show no association and risk for disease.

The reason studies have shown red meat to be negative is because the participants in those studies were fed highly processed meat. Besides being processed it was conventionally grain fed and packed with hormones.  The cleanliness and quarters the animals were raised in also would not be considered humane or healthy.  That affects the health of the animal as stress hormones are released into the animal when it is not living a more natural life.  As doctor Sean Lucan pointed out in a letter that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; it may be less about whether the meat is red and more about what the animal was fed. That is what is causing ill health and disease.

Factory farmed meats comes from animals raised on a mixture of genetically modified corn, chicken manure, antibiotics, hormones and ground up parts of other animals. Shocking isn’t it? Factory farmed beef and organic pasture raised beef are drastically different.

Organic Pasture Raised Beef contains amazing nutrients.  It has Amino Acids like creatine, carnosine, carnitine, and glycine. It has vitamins B12 and absorbable minerals like Zinc & Iron.  It has healthy fats like EPA and DHA for health and well being.

CLA- Conjugated Linoleic Acid

It is an anti-carcinogenic nutrient.  CLA is a naturally occurring free fatty acid found mainly in grass fed beef and grass fed dairy products.  CLA was discovered by accident in 1978 by Professor Michael W. Pariza. Professor Pariza was at the Food Research Institute, University of Wisconsin, when he began studying the formation of bacterial mutagens in ground beef during grilling.

Conclusion of Professor Pariza’s Study

A growing body of data indicates that CLA is a nutrient that functions to regulate energy retention and metabolism.  One of the most prominent effects of CLA is to regulate body fat and protein partitioning (body fat and lean body mass). Improved growth performance and enhanced immune function and reduced cancer risk.  CLA also reduced blood LDL cholesterol (low density lipoprotein, often referred to as bad cholesterol) and it reduced the development of atherosclerosis (a common form of arteriosclerosis).


Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid used for human growth and development.  We must have it to be healthy.  Grass finished beef is the best source of this essential nutrient.  The source of Omega 3 is the green leaves of plants.  When cattle are taken off feeding from the richness of Omega 3 grass, and shipped to a feed lot to be fattened on grain they begin to losing this beneficial fat.

FACTS About CLA & Omega 3’s

CLA conjugated linoleic acid is a good fat that is found in grass fed animal meat.  Research shows that CLA can prevent cancer only if it is gotten from a grass fed & grass finished animal.

  • Grass Fed & Grass Finished beef has four times more CLA than grain fed beef.
  • Omega 3’s in grass fed beef is 7 % of the total fat content.  As opposed to 1% in the grain fed beef.
  • Organic grass fed beef is higher in omega 3 fatsEPADHA.

Grass fed and grass finished beef  also has more than double the vitamins E & A and provide more Glutathione which is an antioxidant that is enormously effective in protecting the DNA and cells from cancers. Organic grass fed & finished beef has the highest Glutathione content of all foods. It is surpassed only by asparagus.

Grass Fed only means that the animals were generally raised on grass, but fed primarily grain over the last month before slaughter to fatten them up.  Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef means the animal was only fed Grass its entire life and raised healthfully on a pasture as nature intended.  And that my friends is what Le Petit Greek Serves.

Since the average American consumes twice his or her weight in meat per year it is wise to ingest only the best quality, because your health is worth it.

Like my good friend Jack Lalanne used to tell me, “The best investment anyone can do is to invest in their health”.  So my advice to you is this; purchase organic vegetables, fruits and for sure organic pasture raised meats, eggs and dairy.  Of course we can only buy what is available to us and what we can afford, but try your best to make your health a priority by eating fresh non processed foods.  When dining out please choose a restaurant that you really trust and you can verify that they put pride in their work and care about your well being, by serving healthy, fresh food.  Also make sure they have a clean restaurant and hospitable atmosphere.  Last, but not least be active everyday 20 to 30 minutes.  You can choose how you want to be active.  Walking, running, biking, swimming, lifting weights, yoga, Tai Qi, gardening are just a few wonderful choices.   Do anything that would move your Qi ( life force).

Stin Y Yassas (to your health),

Dimitrios Houndalas

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