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Our Food Philosphy

"What I Eat, I Serve..."- Dimitri Houndalas

That is my motto. I am a health nut and I happily admit it. I won’t serve to my customers what I won’t eat myself. If I am not at the restaurant I am probably exercising or researching Healthy Lifestyles & Philosophy.

The secret to why Greek Food (Hellenic Cuisine) is some of the healthiest in the world is due to its simplicity. Lemon, Oregano & Olive Oil are the basic seasonings in almost every dish. We believe fresh ingredients are delicious unto themselves and we season subtly to allow the food to envelope your pallet. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be perfect, but if we are eating Greek Fries, let the potatoes be real and the ingredients be fresh. It’s about balance.

I grew up working in my parents’ restaurant in Nafplion, Greece. I spent countless hours on my grandparents’ farms where farm to table was how we ate before it was a trend. Farmers Markets were the only markets. Vegetables and Fruits were in abundance on platters on our lunch and dinner tables.

Health and fitness are my passion. And service is my calling and greatest teacher. There is no better gift than seeing others enjoy themselves. Knowing I helped in any way to provide that experience brings me joy.

We opened Le Petit Greek Restaurant in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles, CA in 1988. I hope you stop in to enjoy a meal or take home a family meal for all to savor.

Live Authentically & Eat Like a Greek!

Kali Orexi (καλή όρεξη) = Good Appetite,

Dimitrios Houndalas

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“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” Hippocrates 450 – 360 BC.
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